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Coaching For Professionals 

Key Focus Areas:

- Professional Development - Strengths Building & Development Areas

- Leadership Development

- Strategic Planning 

What people are saying....

Testimonial from James L., InnerOvation, Boston, MA

James is a gifted coach and facilitator. He has led teams I work with through extraordinarily productive culture and organizational change processes. He excels at deep listening and moving teams through challenging transformation with incredible insight. If you are looking for the right person to guide you or your team through change and into a better world, James is your man. Thanks James! I can't thank you enough! Our team rocks now, in large part because of work you have done with us.

Key Tools:

DISC Assessment:  Learn your primary and secondary personality styles including your strengths, blind spots and key motivators when interacting with others.  The DISC can also help you communicate with others more effectively by gaining an understanding of how others relate and their own primary motivations.

Leadership Skills in the 21st Century (Conscious/Servant Leadership):  Regardless of your level of responsibility, every role provides opportunities to lead.  The new model for leadership involves bringing your whole self and the ability to be truly authentic with your peers or direct reports. Conscious leaders focus on the “we” rather than the “me” and realize that their role is to create or contribute to a culture of trust, care and expansive influence.

The Coaching Process:  My coaching process is based on the International Coaching Federation (ICF) core competencies for effective coaching.  The coaching process includes:

  • Goals Identification: Clearly identifying goals for our time together and agreed upon markers of a successful outcome.

  • Establishing Trust :  Our work together requires creating a safe space where you feel free to share openly - with confidence that everything will be confidential and will be heard without judgment.

  • Active Listening & Powerful Questioning :  Sometimes people simply need to be truly heard and seen and I have a gift for doing this for my clients.  Based upon my listening, I will also use powerful questioning designed to go directly to the heart of the matter.

  • Creating Awareness:  One of the central benefits of the coaching is process is to create new awareness around a topic that create new opportunities to take effective action toward your desired outcome. 

  • Designing Actions / Holding Accountability:  As your coach, I will facilitate the process of you designing self-identified, inspired action steps to get you to your goal.  I will also support you as an accountability partner to increased the odds that you will follow through on your action items.