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About James Ashton

Professional Life Coach & Workshop Facilitator

I understand how it feels to wake up one day to realize that the life you have built for yourself is needing to change.  It may be a job, a relationship or many other things, but something deep within you is calling out for more.

For me, that day was twenty years ago when I realized that the life I was living was based off a script that was no longer serving me because it was handed to me by others. It was on that day that I began to rediscover the path back to my own truth.

So, over these past two decades, I have immersed myself in studying personal development and the world’s great wisdom traditions to get clear on what it takes to find sustainable joy and fulfillment in life.


I now make my living guiding others on the most important and rewarding journey of their lives.

The journey back to YOU.

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James Ashton is an ordained interfaith minister, professional life coach, and workshop facilitator with a passion for helping people to unleash their own greatness. As a gifted coach, James works with individuals looking to enhance their intuitive guidance and their spiritual, mental, and physical well-being. As a student of psychology and interfaith spiritual studies for over a decade, James brings a breadth of knowledge and experience to his clients’ desires for positive change in their lives.


James is highly regarded for his professionalism, compassion for others, and innate ability to facilitate transformative learning and discussion. James was trained through the International Coach Federation certified program and was ordained through One Spirit Learning Alliance.

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