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We're retooling our offerings and will be back soon. 
We are unable to accept new clients during this transition.
Thank you for your patience! 

Stay Tuned!

Helping people who feel stuck in work and relationships get out of their own way, make a plan, and move forward.


Afraid to ask for what you really want

Feeling un-inspired and weary

Tired of rationalizing your way through

Uncertain how to make it happen

Something's Gotta Give!

Waiting for change to happen on its own is painful and ineffective.

You have your very own internal guidance system to navigate you through any situation.

Sometimes we all need support reconnecting to own guidance so we can take back control of our life.

Find Your Way.

Imagine how good it will be when you get there!

  • Communicate wants and needs without apology

  • Have a sense of direction and purpose

  • Know your gifts and use them daily

  • Navigate challenging situations with confidence

  • Experience a greater capacity to lead others

  • Align with and live from your soul’s calling

Why wait any longer to make a change?

I understand how it feels to wake up and realize the life you’ve built for yourself is calling for change.

It may be a job… a relationship…
You simply know that something deep within you is calling out for more.


With two decades of learning from the great wisdom traditions of the world, I combine their teachings with my own in order to guide people just like you, to the joy and fulfillment, they deserve.

What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters to what lies within us.

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

What Clients Say ...

James is a gifted coach and facilitator. He has led teams I work with through extraordinarily productive culture and organizational change processes. He excels at deep listening and moving teams through challenging transformation with incredible insight. If you are looking for the right person to guide you or your team through change and into a better world, James is your man. Thanks James! I can't thank you enough! Our team rocks now, in large part because of work he has done with us.

James L.

InnerOvation, LLC, Boston, MA

3 Simple Steps to Freedom

Schedule A Call

A free 30 minute discovery session to help you get clear on what you want

Chart Your Course

Receive your personalized course of action to help chart the way forward

Find Your Fulfillment

Experience the joy and fulfillment that has been calling to you all along

Chart Your Course. Make Your Move.

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